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15.02.2018: 4,762 Seventh-day Adventists in Switzerland donated USD 13.3 million
02.02.2018: The Audacity of Peacemaking - Statement of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in ...
14.03.2017: Adventists in German-speaking Switzerland elected a new church leader
19.07.2016: Germany: Adventist church leaders condemn ax-attack in regional train
30.03.2016: In Cuba, Adventist Church remains hopeful for positive change after U.S. ...
10.12.2015: Adventist Conference in Germany publishes declaration regarding ordination of ...
21.10.2015: President-elect of Fiji is an Adventist Christian
13.10.2015: Adventists in Germany publish statement on the current refugee situation
21.09.2015: Generational Change in Adventist Publishing House Switzerland
19.06.2015: Statement on the Tragic Shooting in Charleston, South Carolina
21.05.2015: USA: Tornado Rips Through Train Carrying "Adventist World" - The Kansas storm ...
28.04.2015: Seventh-day Adventists in North America Call for Peace in West Baltimore
26.04.2015: Adventists Rush to Help After Deadly Quake Rocks Nepal
26.03.2015: Francis is the first pope to visit a Waldensian Church
25.03.2015: Adventist Church Offers Condolences After Plane Crash in France
09.01.2015: Adventist Church Offers Condolences After Terrorist Attack in Paris
04.12.2014: News Agency APD Switzerland celebrates 40-year anniversary
17.10.2014: Adventist Pastor in Ukraine released after detention during 20 days
13.10.2014: Ebola deaths include 16 Adventists in West Africa
24.09.2014: Nigeria Adventist leader says Boko Haram destroyed Adventist church


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